About us

CommonsCloud, the pro-common cloud, is a platform the integrates various free software applications to offer a digital cooperative cloud. We are building the platform as a collective project based on cooperation and self management.

FemProcomuns, SCCL is a cooperative created as an strategic instrument to make pro-commons projects viable and sustainable. The Grup d'Activitat Cooperativitzada CommonsCloud (GAC) is the place where the core team members of the platform coordinate development and mantainence, members of the cooperatvie can participate here too.

The CommonsCloud alliance is made up of entities who participate in the production of the platform, it's deployment, and communication of the product to a wider audience.

How to join us?

CommonsCloud people are those who have created an account; with this account you can access some of the servies on the platform. Create an account

CommonsCloud coop members can make use of the contracted services and can participate in the GAC as users. To join up, you need to make a minimum of €10 contribution as social capital to the cooperative FemProcomuns and chose the quota according to the service you which to enjoy.