CommonsCloud is possible thanks to more than 400 people and a score of organisations that contribute and make the community of users grow.

CommonsCloud is a project owned by its users and the people that produce it. It is developed within the framework of the cooperative femProcomuns(a strategic social tool for cooperating and making the commons activity viable) and it does so by cooperativising both the productive and the consumer sides of the project.

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Users (natural persons and legal entities) can become consumption members de femProcomuns of femProcomuns and participate in the governance of the cooperative and the CommonsCloud. At least once a year we hold the CommonsCloud Users Assembly which defines the overall policy of the project.

The production of CommonsCloud is carried out with a group of cooperatives that belong to the Consell CommonsCloud, which seeks to answer to the needs and priorities set by users and articulate the strategy. The CommonsCloud team, made up -mainly- of people from the members the Council, develops and maintains services and activities.

To strengthen the community of friends and consolidate relationships with related entities, CommonsCloud participates collaborates and organises different activities to empower citizens in the use of technological tools and the different services offered. Currently more than 6 organisations and 400 people use CommonsCloud. To connect with them you can access the Agora, an open space for participation. If you want to keep track of what we do, you can also take part in our workshops, which are open to the community in the city of Barcelona, just come over! And if you want to co-organise a workshop, just contact us!