A tool to manage your organization, cooperative, association or company. Accounting, invoicing, fees management, contacts, stocks, tasks.

For associations, cooperatives, professional associations and federations: to manage members.

For cooperatives, small and medium-sized companies, freelancers, foundations and associations that carry out economic activity: to manage accounting, budgets, billing, customer and contact management.

For consumer cooperatives, shops, bookstores, businesses and companies that produce or sell products: to manage stocks.

For any entity or organization: to manage projects, organize team tasks, reserve spaces and equipment.

Made with free software: Dolibarr

Main functionalities: membership fees, customer and contact management, budgets, billing, stock management, tasks and projects.

Membership fee management

With the Members module you can manage the members list and the different types of fees, to be able to see the annual evolution of the members and the fees, also you can control the pending fees.



Customer, supplier and contact data

With the Thirdparties and Contacts module you can group all the data of customers, suppliers and contacts, to be able to do business monitoring and see all their linked activity in the same place.



Control of open and approved budgets

With the Commerce module you can manage the budgets and orders of each customer, and see which are waiting a response, which have been approved, and which are pending to invoice.



Billing and payments

With the Financial module you can manage the billing of customers and suppliers, and have a control of payments that are pending with their corresponding due dates.



Control of stocks and batches by warehouse

With the Stocks module you can manage the stocks of each product (with batch control or serial numbers if necessary) and have control of the products that must be purchased or produced when they are below their minimum stock.



Projects and task management

With the Projects module you can have control of each project, with the related incomes and expenses, and the details of the tasks related to the project.


Choose the one that best suits you.

If instead of making the monthly payment, you do it annually, a 10% discount is applied.

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