(if you need this service, write to us)
Technical support for consultations, management, and resolution of issues
(1 hour support)

Fee: 99,17€/h (+VAT)


Pack 10h support
743,80 (+VAT) €
Pack T10h consulting
Expires after 12 months 413,22 ((+VAT)


Tailor-made solutions

If you need another type of solution, with other dedicated servers, contact us. Rate: to be determined (write to us)


Training workshops

Rate: 206,61€ (+VAT) – sessions of up to 2 hours
    • Get started with CommonsCloud. “To learn about tools, connect with your mobile and computer apps.
    • Presentation of the service and model, registration and user profile, Office (share files, edit them, calendar), project manager (create task, assign it to someone, move it, change status), Agora.
    • “CommonsCloud networking methodologies”: to learn about and improve online working methodologies with kanban (“agile”).
    • Magic beans – the tools of CC through collective creation
    • Kanban and agile methodologies with CC
    • Office – get the most out of Oficina, sharing, editing, computer and mobile syncing, managing circles and user groups
    • Federation of NextCloud offices: CommonsCloud, Pangea,, offer NextCloud offices, also some cooperatives have installed their own; Demo: how to federate two offices, what does federation allow for, steps to follow and examples of its uses. Practice: exercise of federating offices.

* Online