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with free software WordPress

To present and view your organization, cooperative, entity or company online.

For associations, cooperatives, companies, professional associations and federations: for your website.

Using WordPress as a content manager, build the website to present your project with the functionalities of the contact forms, the cookie notice manager for your users, the online store and the translation manager.

In addition, we offer in the same package a basic set of pre-configured designs to facilitate the graphic presentation of your new website.


Make with Free Software: WordPress

WordPress is a free and open source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Its functions include an architecture of connectors or plug-ins and a system of graphic templates for the web.

Featured subjects: plugins, themes.

What extensions or plugins does the Web Som Núvol package include?

Contact Forms

The Contact From 7 extension offers a simple way to create and present forms so you can manage contact requests or any other type of form on your pages.


The Complianz extension offers all the necessary resources to keep up to date the correct management of cookie use information and data use policies for your users.


With the Easy WP SMTP extension you can quickly and easily configure your website’s messaging using various email providers.


One of the most popular extensions for multi-language translation. Create a multilingual website and write pages, menus and articles in a simple way.


The basic extension to build an e-commerce on your website. We offer the basic suite already installed with the tools to start your online store in a few clicks.


What themes does the CommonsCloud Web package include?

In the CommonsCloud Web package we offer a wide variety of pre-installed themes.

Themes enabled: Astra | Blocksy | OceanWP | One Page Express | Customizr | Woostify | Futurio | Make | Hestia | Sydney | Kadence | Virtue | Modern | Audioman | Hueman | Fairy | ColorMag




Choose the one that best suits you…
This service only offers an annual fee option (not monthly).






Web Basic Simple
annual fee (VAT included)
This option offers you the basic functionalities to have a small website using a subdomain within somnuvol.coop and a small quota of space sufficient for most projects. We will offer you a set of extensions and themes limited to the SomNúvol Web package.
512MB de quota
Limited to the themes and extensions of the SomNúvol Web package
Automated update
SomNuvol.coop subdomain
Become a member and enjoy the service
Web Basic Advanced
annual fee (VAT included)
Limited to the themes and extensions of the SomNúvol Web package The option for advanced users who already have their own domain, the extensions and themes of the SomNúvol Web package and full control of the administration. This option does not include automated updating.
25GB quota
SomNúvol theme and extension pack
Free installation of Wordpress themes and extensions
Own domain
Own administration
Become a member and enjoy the service