Migration to technoethical tools. So that organisations and collectives can incorporate CommonsCloud tools in a personalised manner, adapted to their needs and make an easy, safe, agile transition to open source software.

Cost of the service: 1900€+IVA

The service includes:

#TakeTheLeap Cloud Tools Report
  • Analysis of your use of cloud tools, we will identify:
      • what tasks you do, and what tools you use to do those tasks
      • what tasks would you like to do, and what tools exist for that purpose?
  • Diagnosis of free tools available to use, we will identify:
      • which tasks can be done with CommonsCloud tools
      • which tasks require tools not integrated in CommonsCloud (open source tools recommendation)
  • Roadmap for the incorporation of CommonsCloud tools (in approximately 3 months period).


  • Answer a written questionnaire, individually, by each person in the team (3 minutes).
  • In-depth interview with at least one person from the team (1h)
  • Contrast session, on the results, report and recommended roadmap with, at least, one person of reference in the team (1h)