Online form and survey tool to better understand people, get information about their opinions, interests and what motivates their decisions. Also to make evaluations, consultations or registering to activities. Made with free software: LimeSurvey.

A federated option

We group together as users and share the contracting of the service with the software developers; with one access user per person or organisation integrated in the CommonsCloud account management. We set an indicative use of 1500 responses to surveys per organisation and we gradually dimension the service according to the number of users.

An advanced and techno-ethical tool for forms

You can leave aside the tools to create forms made by corporations with bad practices of marketing and processing data from respondents. You can also have an advanced tool, both because of the variety of question typologies and the wide range of possibilities to exporting and presenting data.

Outstanding features: 28 types of questions · easy to export · statistic results · managing participants



Define the questions

Define the questions and answers, the type of response (up to 28 different options) and establish identification codes, add information to help participants. You can do multilingual surveys, with questions in different languages and have the results processed together. Decide weather you want to set a time for responses or not, group the questions into survey pages, allow or prevent continuing when there are pending answers.



Easy to export

Only by choosing the option and pressing a button, you will export the survey results to the appropriate formats for further processing such as CSV, spreadsheets or XML; distribution and publication formats such as PDF and HTML; or a proprietary format for re-importing into LimeSurvey.




Manage and visualise statistic results

Choose statistics display options, fields to be displayed, number of columns, display format (HTML, PDF, Spreadsheet) and type of chart (bar, circle, radial, line, polar, ring)






Manage participants



10% discount when choosing the annual fee instead of the monthly one


monthly (VAT included)
For happy little ants, step by step
Max 1.500 responses per year 100€ annual - VAT included - (10% discount)
LimeSurvey server shared between member organisations
1 single administrator account
Become a member and enjoy the services