To store documents in the cloud, work with private or shared folders, have individual and group calendars and also individual or shared contact books. Made with free software: Nextcloud i Collabora Online.

Funcionalities: store and share · edit online · calendar · forms · photographs

basic service in a shared Office with 10Gb, 30Gb or 50Gb capacity depending on the chosen level (simple, medium or higher), with one administrator account and one e-mail account with 1Gb, 3Gb or 5Gb capacity depending on the chosen level. See rates.
advanced service in a dedicated Office deployment with 100GB of capacity, with an administrator user account and up to 150 user accounts, with the possibility of organizing them by “circles” ( equipment). With own subdomain and customized configuration of the functionalities. See rates.


Any doubts? write to us we’ll give you access to the demo office, so you can test this service.


Online Storage

Store and share folders and documents directly from your browser.



Editor online

Collaboratively edit office documents directly from the browser.





With CalDAV server easily synchronise calendars. + info




Take simple surveys and questionnaires, share them, and visualize the results




Store, tag, organise and share your albums



Choose the one that best fits.

Choose the annual fee and get a 10% discount.

For bohemians and neophiliacs
User account (to participate in open services or services contracted by others)
Access to a Oficina Demo
Access to the CommonsCloud Agora
Write to us!
monthly (VAT included)
390€ annually - VAT included - (10% discount)
For eager beavers, with a good team
Up to150 user accounts in one dedicated Nextcloud instance
Own subdomain
NextCloud (storage, folder and file sharing and online editor) and basic Apps (calendar, simple form and photos)
Collabora office (online edition)
Project management at the Gestor de Projectes on Phabricator (with 1 own project)
Acces to CommonsCloud Agora
Recommended> for medium and large groups and organisations where each one need their own user account and manage permissions
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