is made up of people and organisations that pool digital cloud resources in a technological and cooperative project with free software; people and organisations responsible for the implementation, maintenance, management and support of the service. It is promoted by femProcomuns SCCL multi-stakeholder cooperative in intercooperation with other cooperatives and organisations.


Operational team

. These are the people who are currently working behind the scenes of the project to make it work, to make it grow and to consolidate it.

  • David Jacovkis
  • Mònica Garriga
  • David Gómez

  • Oscar Ortega
  • Adrián Gibanel

  • Josep Lluís Amador
  • Oriol Díez

  • Núria Salavedra


Cooperativa integral femProcomuns SCCL

The parent organisation of the project is the social initiative, non-profit, consumer and worker multi-stakeholder cooperative femProcomuns SCCL. Individuals and organisations become user-members of femProcomuns and contract the services with the fees stipulated on the rates table. In this way, the user-members are co-owners together with the employees. is a Cooperative Activity Group (GAC) of femProcomuns made up of members and other collaborators. Like other GACs in the cooperative, it has its own differentiated functioning channels and internal accounting, while contributing to the community structure.


femProcomuns has intercooperation agreements with other organisations that share the principles and objectives of the project, collaborate in the production of the service and participate in the CommonsCloud Strategic Council (CESC):

  • bTactic – Work cooperative. Experts in open source, free-software and cloud computing solutions.
  • Colectic – Work cooperative. They work for social transformation through participation, learning and socialising ICTs
  • LliureTIC – Freelancers collective. They analyse and develop personalised ICT solutions using free-software technologies.

It has intercooperation agreements with other organisations that participate in CommonsCloud Consulting Council (COCC) to advise the CESC in the orientation of the project in the medium-term:

  • Free Knowledge Institute – Foundation. They promote freedom of use, modification, copy and distribution of knowledge related to technology, culture and science.
  • Jamgo – Work cooperative. They design and develop advanced custom-made applications. Working in a socially responsible way.


Users and Members

Anyone can become a user of simply by registering on its website. This gives you access to the project’s Agora and other free services. You can also contribute by collaborating in documenting the project and performing other tasks or participating in the open activities of the community. For most of the services you need to register as a member. This can be done both by individuals and organisations. Becoming a member implies a one-off contribution to the social capital (minimum €10) which will be returned if you decide to leave the cooperative. The services on the cloud can be contracted by means of monthly or annual instalments (quotas) once you have become a membership of the cooperative by contributing the social capital.


Funding and contributions aims to be an autonomous cooperative service, supported by the contributions of its members. While we get there, the sustainability of the project is complemented by own contributions from femProcomuns and other inter-cooperating organisations, as well as contributions from crowdfunding campaigns and public grants . Contributions received:


Persons and organisations co-funders of the Goteo microfinance campaign in May 2018, which allowed the project to be launched:

4fiti, Albert Garcia Pujadas, Albert Homs, Aleix, Aleix Pol, Alexandre Durrande, Angel Matilla, Angeles Sevilla Rivas, Antoni Garriga, Antonio, Auxi Piñero Martos, Bernat Romagosa, Blanca Galofre, Blanca Garcés, Brian Russell, Carlos Cámara, Carlos Ramiro, Casey Lynch, Coloma, Daniel Melendro García, David Esteve Lopez, David Maruny, David Picó, David Gómez Fontanills, Emmanuel Francès, Enrique Martinez, Ero Lugilde Iglesias, Enric Senabre, Ferran Armengol, Ferran Reyes, Francesc Bassas i Bullich, Franchi, Gary Alexander, Guillem FJ, Imma Valls,
Isaac Plana Schilt, José Luis, Jaume Ferrer, Javier Ibáñez Martínez, Joan Subirats, Joaquin Garcia Martinez, Jordi Isidro Llobet, Jordi Ustrell, Jordis, Jorge Toledo, José Andrés Soberbio, José Fernando, Josef, Josep Oliveras Escura, Josep Sanchez, Josep vives, Judit Quintana Lliró, Julian Moyano Reiz, Laia botey, Lamedina Cooperativa Andaluza, Lendi: Javi Velasco, LordBenit, Luz, Marcus Packard, Marcus Packard, Margarita Padilla, María Ripoll Cera, Mario García Fernández, Mariona Gili, Marta Morató Contreras, Matthias Brugger, Mercè Aranda, Miguel Sevilla-Callejo, Miquel, Mireia Pui, Mònica Garriga,
Natàlia, Natxo Varona, Nuria Valero, Olivier, Paco Puertes, Per Eystein Gleinsvik, Petter Joelson, Raúl Glez, Ricard Jornet Ginestà, Ricard Espelt, Roger Pibernat, Ruben Suriñach Padilla, Salomé Soria, Sergio Alonso, Sergio Casanueva López, Silvia Candida, Sisco Garcia, Thais Lloret Veciana, Vicenç Ruiz, Víctor Giménez, Wouter Tebbens, Xab / Xabi, Xavi Capdevila, Asociació (des)vestint aliments, Calidoscoop, SCCL, Celobert, CoCreable, Consell d’Associacions de Barcelona, creaRSA – Responsabilidad Social Audiovisual, Free Knowledge Catalunya, Free Knowledge Institute, Fundacio Pare Manel, KDE España / BCNFS, LA CIUTAT INVISIBLE SCCL, LabCoop SCCL, OuiShare Barcelona.



To the people who at some point have contributed to ideating and promoting the project by contributing their knowledge, skills and work. To the people and organisations that have made disinterested contributions and also to those who have decided to pool their work, storage and communication tools by becoming cooperative partners. To the people, organisations and collectives that develop technological tools with free software without which the project would not be possible, among them: LDAP, NextCloud, Zimbra, BigBlueButton, Phabricator, Discourse, Dolibarr, LimeSurvey. To the people, organisations and collectives that form the confluence of Feminist, Environmental, Social, Solidarity and Common Economies (EFESSC) that are laying the foundations for a transformation of the economy that puts people, planet and collectivity at the centre, instead of private profit.