CommonsCloud is a project to contribute, from Catalonia, to the consolidation of a commons ecosystem, based on the principles of community self-management, ecological, economic and human sustainability, shared knowledge and replicability. It should meet social needs, especially those that are not attended or insufficiently served by the market.


It is born in a context in which the need to make a critical and holistic review of the digital platforms that promote the collaborative and platform economy is evident. At a time when communal production emerges again as a third economic model, along with models of private and market production and public production. An economic model where communities are self-organized to produce, reproduce and / or use a collective resource, sharing knowledge and rules, access, replicability and governance based on belonging.


We explore the co-production of the common resources on which we all depend, on finding synergies between the communitarian production movement and between equals and innovative elements of the social, cooperative and solidarity economy. We seek to combine the best practices of the international cooperative movement with the best practices of the software and hardware communities. We make it possible for software and hardware to be owned by its users and governed by cooperative members or ‘stakeholders’ (workers, users, suppliers, distributors …).  


We incorporate collaborative practices (we try to identify and avoid competitive practices). We are aware of the social and environmental externalities of what we do and we aim to create, protect, and produce common goods (material and immaterial) and contribute to their preservation, reproduction and management.


We want to bring the commons knowledge and technologies to the whole of the population by encouraging their use to guarantee universal access, paying special attention to those groups or people excluded or at risk of exclusion.