People must have the right to access Internet resources anonymously, know in advance how to use their personal data, decide at any time if they want to export, modify or delete the user data of any service Online, protect your privacy and encrypt your communications, and you must also be able to choose not to receive unsolicited messages.


We are committed to free knowledge and to publish all the information generated or managed in the construction of the software, under reuse and free licenses, so that others can use it. At the same time, we do not share data with third parties, and we do not exploit personal data, unlike at GAFAM.

Data is owned by users and we will not use them for external purposes to the project. We will manage them according to strict safety criteria, guaranteeing technical means and knowledge to manage them. We limit the collection of data to cases in which the specific purposes for which they will be used has been established, previously, thus minimizing the amount of personal information collected. Finally, we implement mechanisms to provide a maximum of services to know, correct or erase personal data of the systems, beyond the legal minimum required by the GDPR.  

We also provide anonymity. You can have a CommonsCloud account anonymously, as long as it is validated by one of the CommonsCloud Collectives, and anonymous contributions can also be made (cryptic donations to be implemented). If the competent authorities properly intervene our facilities, we will collaborate and explain to the community that we are being intervened (the bird, doesn’t sing…).