CommonsCloud is a cooperative, collaborative and decentralised cloud that integrates different digital tools to work in an agile and efficient way. It is free software, respectful of privacy and produced by local cooperatives.

Still in beta, this alternative to corporate clouds with proprietary software such as Google Drive and Dropbox, already has more than 400 individual users and about twenty user companies.

This collective project involves a group of cooperatives, and is coordinated by femProcomuns, an integral cooperative to consolidate a common ecosystem, based on the principles of community self-management, ecological, economic and human sustainability, shared knowledge and replicability.


With CommonsCloud we want to transform our production and consumption of technological tools. We want to help people become aware of the importance of using more ethical and democratic digital tools, which allow for collective self-management.

This is why we promote a cooperative digital cloud with different digital, free and decentralized software services and tools that are equipped with a data policy. We understand that only from the open and commons cooperativism we can contribute to greater a technological autonomy for the people.

We want to strengthen and consolidate the free software community, making its work more visible, contributing to the technological sovereignty through solidarity and transparency, but also to make possible a fairer world that guarantees the right of people to more ethical and accessible technology, at the service of people and not the corporations needs. With CommonsCloud we will regain control over our data and some of our collective freedom!

Social layer (people and the ways in which they are socially organised)

We are aware that we are trapped in the prisons of centralised and extractivist networks. But we are committed to work and live in communitarian and permeable organisations, easing hierarchies. We recognise that these processes require complex organisational and communication models. We explore several methodologies to facilitate this cultural change, this change in forms of work and life. Putting caring in the centre and leaving a trace in stigmergy, in order to be able to repeat what is good for us and for other colleagues to be able to join in added and grow the shared mission.

Technological layer (digital platform and connection devices)

We make visible the physical infrastructure, the servers and networks, made invisible by the “cloud” discourse, and bring it back to cooperative and community management. In the medium term we will work with networks and community data centres such as While the Internet was born with the promise of decentralisation, as a distributed network, it has gradually become more and more centralised, and the GAFAM claws are now also taking over this layer. We rely on the best free software we know and help improve them to offer them as a user service, so that it is easy to use, connect with a single account and be replicable by other groups in other territories, with whom we can interconnect and create a decentralised network.

Discursive layer (the content of the communication)

We build knowledge and content in open and interoperable formats – that can be read by different devices and softwares – under models of non-exclusive property – with free licenses -, so that they can be reused and evolve. We empower ourselves to learn together and decide how we want to live.