With work panels, lists, tasks, job sizing points, and other tools, organise and prioritise what needs to be done in a project.

The Gestor de Projectes (project manager) allows you to organise yourself flexibly, assign tasks to participants, define the times of their development, and track them easily, sharing relevant information for the whole team and the people you work with.

It includes several work tools needed to build, communicate, and decide on a project, for example a blog, a voting system, a safe for storing and sharing passwords, or a Wiki, for sharing information or knowledge.
It allows to establish different degrees of openness according to the degree of commitment or involvement of the contributors in the project.

Functionalities: organise your projects · blogs · polls ·


Organise your projects

Organise, prioritise, assign, track your team’s tasks


Create a blog

Share the project stories with the team


Take surveys

Look for agreements with the people you work with


Included by hiring Oficina.
For bohemians and neophiliacs
Collective Project (accessible only to the collective) within CommonsCloud Gestor de Projecte (project manager)
Include a Workboard (Kanban tasks board)
Member management (includes anyone with a CommonsCloud account)
Customize the icon and visual basics
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