is governed by techno-ethical principles. We approach the use of technology with values because technology alone does not guarantee its ethical use. We are committed to not commercialising the data of our users or to use it for surveillance or profile tracking. We use open code free technologies. We are committed to pooling services: with the minimum possible environmental impact; in intercooperation with organisations in which people cooperate their work and/or with solidarity economy providers; empowering users, facilitating their participation in the governance of the project and working to eradicate gender bias. We aim to make a project sustained by user fees and that networks internationally and locally with similar and complementary initiatives.

Privacy and data policy

Individuals should have the right to access internet resources anonymously, to know in advance how their personal data will be used, to decide at any time whether they want to export, modify or delete user data from any online service, to protect their privacy and encrypt their communications, and they should also be able to choose not to receive unsolicited messages.

  • Data belongs to the users and we will not use it for external purposes. We will manage data according to strict security criteria, guaranteeing the technical means and knowledge to manage them. We limit their collection to cases in which the specific purposes for which they will be used have been previously established, thus minimising the amount of personal data collected. We implement mechanisms to provide the maximum number of services to learn about, correct or delete personal data from the systems, not just the legal minimum required by the GDPR.
  • We do not commercialise user data nor do we exploit personal data to generate tracking profiles, unlike surveillance capitalism corporations.
  • We facilitate anonymity. It is possible to have a CommonsCloud account anonymously, as long as it is validated by one of the CommonsCloud Collectives. If the competent authorities should intervene our facilities, we will cooperate by legal imperative and explain to the community that we are being intervened.


Documentation and free licences

Documentation and shared knowledge are necessary for the proper functioning of the project, for its continuity and scalability, as well as for the empowerment of the users. Open knowledge is a guarantee for sustainability, resilience and replicability.

  • We are committed to free knowledge and to publishing under free licences and reusable formats all the information generated or managed in the construction of the service and the software, in order to facilitate its use by workers and users and so that others can use it.
  • We are committed to collaboration and participation and to offering the tools and channels so that users can collaborate in creating and improving the documentation as well as facilitating mutual help and support between users.


Gender and technology

In the technological field there is a well identified gender bias whereby there is a majority of men who define, develop and even make use of digital technologies to the detriment of women and LGTBI people.

  • We take as a reference the feminist internet principles and work to implement them in the project
  • We take measures and work to reduce and eradicate gender bias both in use and in technological administration and development.

Servers used by

All servers used by are in the European Union and are governed by its laws. We choose servers looking for a balance between cost and ethical criteria with respect to people and the planet. We are committed, as far as the strength of the project allows, to contribute to making local and networked servers, managed from cooperativism and solidarity economy, governed by pro-commons criteria and human and ecological sustainability. currently uses servers from:



Free software